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RS Premium Horse Fly Mask With Ears

RS Premium Horse Fly Mask With Ears

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Horse fly mask of RS Premium made with highly elastic able lattice material that protects your horse from harsh sunlight. This fly mask is very lightweight, allowing air circulation and reducing horse sweating. Compared to heavier masks typically with wool trim, their polyester material is more breathable, has better moisture absorption, and can effectively disperse sweat. The breathability of a mask for horses can keep the horse's skin fresh and dry. Fly mask is long lasting and easy to wash. The lightweight mesh UV Protection Miniature horse fly mask from RS Premium is ergonomically designed to fit your horse's head snugly and comfortably. This protective lyre fly masks for horses features built-in UV protection to guard against harmful UV rays. Additional features include full coverage on the ears with straps and soft binding finishing for added comfort. Generally, a horse doesn't need to wear a fly mask at night. If your horse has an eye condition and has been advised by a vet to wear a fly mask overnight then wear it. A mini horse fly mask allows for clear visibility during the day.

  • Material: RS Premium design Horse Fly Mask made with highly durable and comfortable lattice because horse fly mask is made elastic able material so that's why it is easy to wear. It is the most secure-fitting fly mask with a stretch lyre material that does not sacrifice airflow

  • Protection: RS Premium design this horse fly mask made with material consists of mosquito mesh and soft mesh at the ears for ear protection, which will hold up to light play and also protect horses from UV rays(ultraviolet rays). You do not want your horse to get bitten by flies or experience eye damage

  • How to wear it: If you don't know how to wear a fly mask on a horse then put the foal fly mask on the horse and the end of the top portion of the mask should fall about 2 inches below the horse's cheekbone. In the throat latch area, you should be able to fit about 2 fingers in between their throat and the fabric of the mask

  • Color & Size: RS Premium horse fly mask available in two sizes( Medium & Large) and combination of two colors (grey & blue) looks good and attractive. There a benefit of white and grey color so that is why we use this color because these colors are usually used to protect your horse from direct heat 

  • Superb Airflow: The lattice of horse fly mask is dense and RS Premium made it with micro-panel weave structure that allows great airflow in the heat of summer, so that your horse can stay shaded and protected at the same time because RS Premium knows the importance of a pet

  • Our Promise: RS Premium promise that we will never dishearten you with our horse fly mask because we made this fly mask with full attention and we use good materials in it and we also know the value of pets Plus, it can be hard to find your horse’s lost mask if it was removed in tall grass and our fly masks are well fitted so there is no chance to lose the mask
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