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RS Premium Horses

RS Premium Design Horse Boots

RS Premium Design Horse Boots

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RS Premium designed this horse’s boot for the protection of the horse’s leg because this part of the horse leg is made up of only bone, tendons, and ligaments. It has no muscle to add an extra layer of protection, which makes it more vulnerable when a horse is moving quickly so our horse shipping boots are an essential piece of horse equipment that protects a horse’s legs from injuries.

The horse boots come in various styles but our simple design supports and protects our horse during high-speed exercise. After equipping horse boots our horses can perform complex movements and to jump obstacles that can potentially hurt them. There are many sizes of horse splint boots but RS Premium launched horse shipping boots in two main sizes: small and medium.

You can get a general idea of what size legs the horse needs based on its height, weight and breed. We also make things for small ponies and large breeds that move exaggeratedly. The good news is that splint boots for horses are more accessible than riding boots.

  • [Ultimate Protection]: RS Premium Horse Boots are often used to protect the horse’s tendons and ligaments from impacts and strikes, especially during jumping or fast work. Our horse fly boot are best for  jumpers to prevent injury to the front of the leg when hitting a jump rail

  • [Benefits]: Our Horse boots perforated body allows heat to escape and the leg to breathe. The extensor branches of the suspensory ligament extend around the back of the ankle to support the fetlock joint during the weight-bearing phase of the stride. Suspensory ribs ensure proper boot alignment while the tough flexible exterior ensures a close fit

  • [Size And Color]: Our Brand Design Horse boots in turquoise color with two different sizes (Medium & Large) and fit the bone structure of the hind legs in direct relation to the front legs. If you don't know the size then measure the diameter of the leg at the cannon bone, midway between the knee and the fetlock

  • [Weight]: Our Horse boots are lightweight because they are made up of high-quality Ok Fabric that provides four-way stretch for ultimate flexibility. The bound edges of horse splint boots help keep out dirt, and the soft lyre inner layer cleans and dries easily
  • [Quality Of Our Boots]: The design of our Horse Shipping boots has provided the equine world with horse boots that truly support soft tissue such as the digital flexor tendon and suspensory ligaments the problems of overheating. Our horse shipping shoes have Shock-absorbing splint pad guards against crossfire and other injuries

  •  [Difference]: The Horse boots of RS Premium differ from other brand’s horse boots because our style is constructed with high-quality Ok Fabric material with a dense shock-absorbing Centre and soft jersey lining. Double hook-and-loop strap closures and a contoured fit keep the boots securely in place with superb protection, durability and comfort

  • [Our Promise]: The Horse Boots of RS Premium Provide maximum support and protection to the fetlock and lower portion of the leg. Gives protection, support increases durability and also helps to relax tissues. Our Horse Boots never lose their color and we will never dishearten you with our horse boots
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